1. Warehouse
    Jorge & Carmelo Carone

  2. Famagosta

  3. Some Other Time
    Pour Le Plaisir + Emskee + Screamin' Rachael

  4. Gotta Have House
    Loïs Plugged & Fruckie feat. Bravo

  5. Last Day On Heart E.P
    Angelo Raguso/FAW9 & Tone Control

  6. Moon Rocks
    Hiroko Yamamura

  7. In The Beginning: The Remixes
    Chuck Roberts

  8. Chicago
    Carmelo Carone

  9. Chicago (Miky Talarico Remix)
    Carmelo Carone

  10. Can You Feel It (Carmelo Carone Remixes)
    Larry Heard

  11. Can You Feel It (Fabio Tosti Remixes)
    Larry Heard

  12. The British Are Coming [The Remixes]
    Screamin' Rachael

  13. Spirits Rising [Emskee Remix]
    Todd Terry & Screamin' Rachael

  14. The British Are Coming
    Screamin' Rachael

  15. Silence [EP]
    Less Hate & Inner Rebels ft. Veselina Polova

  16. U-DO
    Screamin' Rachael

  17. Spirits Rising [Boyfriend Remix]
    Screamin' Rachael

  18. Spirits Rising
    Screamin' Rachael

  19. Gina (XXX)
    Screamin' Rachael + Pour Le Plaisir

  20. TransTRAX

  21. Screamin' Rachael: Queen of House
    Screamin' Rachael

  22. U Used To Hold Me (The Todd Terry Remixes)
    Screamin' Rachael

  23. Purple Mountains Majestic
    Sir Nenis & Marked Man

  24. Classics
    The Madd Wikkid

  25. Electronola
    The Madd Wikkid

  26. House Nation (Obama Edition)
    Joe Smooth

  27. Don't Stop
    Sir Nenis & Roby Howler


  29. Every Night I Say A Prayer
    Little Boots

  30. The Flow
    Nic Sarno

  31. Freaks
    Sir Nenis

  32. In The Beginning (Nic Sarno Remake)
    Nic Sarno

  33. TRAX Records: The 25th Anniversary Album

  34. Extacy
    Screamin' Rachael

  35. Black Mamba
    Black Mamba

  36. Chicago House Head
    Ron Carroll

  37. David Chong
    David Chong

  38. Essential EP.4
    Matt Warren

  39. I Need A Party
    Screamin' Rachael

  40. Robert Armani

  41. Funkyllenium

  42. Hey Rocky!
    Boris Badenough

  43. Kool Rock Steady
    Kool Rock Steady

  44. Puppet / It's About Time
    Kevin Irving

  45. Rush Rules
    D.J. Rush

  46. Street Fighter

  47. We're Rocking Down the House

  48. Xipetotec

  49. Emanuel

  50. Kisses Never Lie

  51. Searchin' For Love
    2 In Rhythm

  52. M.T.S presents The House Boyz
    The Houze Boyz

  53. Dancer

  54. Girls Out on the Floor
    Jesse Velez

  55. House Paradice
    House Paradice

  56. To Rachael Wherever She May Be
    DJ Rush

  57. Armando, DJ Pierre

  58. Bring Down The Walls
    Robert Owens

  59. Children of the Night
    Kevin Irving

  60. Follow This Beat
    Paul Johnson

  61. I Need A Beat
    Mickey Oliver

  62. Just Rock (Rap House Anthem)
    Smokin' Gang ft. DJ Jack Boy, Rapper

  63. Lidell Townsell
    Lidell Townsell

  64. Ralphi Rosario Rendition
    Ralphi Rosario

  65. Sensuous Person
    Jackmaster Dick

  66. Farley Jackmaster Funk
    Farley "Jackmaster" Funk

  67. TRAX Records: Rarities & B-Sides

  68. Acid LP

  69. 7 Ways To Jack

  70. Jackin' Me Around

  71. Pleasure Control
    On The House

  72. What's Up Rocky
    Boris Badenough

  73. Phuture Society EP
    Phuture Society

  74. Trax U Lost
    The Housemaster Boyz

  75. Don't Need Your Love
    Kevin Irving

  76. TRAX Records: The 20th Anniversary Collection (CD 1&2) (Mixed)

  77. TRAX Records: The 20th Anniversary Collection (CD 3) (Unmixed)

  78. Larry Heard
    Larry Heard

  79. Juke TRAX 2
    DJ Houzmon

  80. Twilight TRAX

  81. Fun With Bad Boys
    Screamin' Rachael

  82. House of Japonais
    Samurai Sam

  83. Move Your Body
    Marshall Jefferson

  84. Sexy EP
    Screamin' Rachael

  85. Waiting On My Angel EP
    Jamie Principle

  86. Acid Trax Volume 2

  87. Acid Trax Volume 1

  88. Sister Sister
    Screamin' Rachael

  89. Fresh

  90. Octaves
    Steve Stoll

  91. Steve Poindexter
    Steve Poindexter

  92. The New World Order 4

  93. We're Rocking Down the House (Basement Jaxx Remixes)

  94. Joey Beltram
    Joey Beltram

  95. Sensation
    Ron Hardy

  96. Acid Wash
    Acid Wash

  97. Corey Stocker
    Corey Stocker

  98. Frankie / Jamie

  99. J.R's House Co.
    J.R's House Co.

  100. K Kool's Trick Tracks
    K Kool

  101. Mystery

  102. Virgo

  103. Queer TRAX: Coming In Loud & Clear

  104. Party Time Lovers
    Nouveaux Nation

  105. Two Of A Kind (Housepipe)
    Two Of A Kind

  106. Let Us Have Love (Step By Step)
    James "Jackrabbit" ft. Pam White

  107. Two Of A Kind (Happiness)
    Two Of A Kind

  108. Blade Boy
    Blade Boy


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